What is PathFund?
About Us and Our Mission


As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow at a tremendous rate, new tokens are emerging every single day. A glance at the recent data reveals that nearly 4900 blockchain-based tokens entered the market from September 2020 to September 2021 with countless memes & other tokens being created every day. Such phenomenal growth in the industry is sure to be followed by several scams. More tokens also correspond to a higher possibility of scams.
The safety of investors has always been a major issue whether it's investing in a debut token or trading via exchanges or even storing tokens in a wallet. As we embark upon the journey towards decentralizing finance, many will create products and services that will continue to flourish for millennia. However, we grapple with the fact that many of these projects are designed to defraud investors, either intentionally or accidentally. The scam rate on BSC is increasing in a continuous and accelerated fashion.
As cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow, the need for measures to be taken becomes more obvious by the day. This is because there are constantly new crypto adopters entering this concept without fully understanding the practices and technical aspects. In addition, there are the fundamentals of blockchain as a whole.
Launched on 16th May 2021, PathFund is a project focused on delivering crypto-based solutions in the decentralized blockchain world. Our initiative is to build and make available to investors a secure and friendly ecosystem with an intuitive interface. This will make the interaction between an individual and the crypto world easier.

Mission Statement

Cryptocurrency scams are rising at an alarming rate with new tokens being created every single day. A new report from blockchain analytics company Chainalysis indicates that scammers made $14 billion in cryptocurrency in 2021 mainly because of the growth of decentralized finance platforms. A spike in thefts and scams caused a 79% increase in cryptocurrency-related crimes last year.
"DeFi is unlikely to realize its full potential if the same decentralization that makes it so dynamic also allows for widespread scamming and theft," Chainalysis wrote in its annual Crypto Crime report.
PathFund is designed to undermine such scams and pulls in the cryptocurrency industry and restore the sense of security amongst users and investors. In addition to providing customized and secure decentralized services, we strive to provide a friendly and safe environment for our users. PathFund's main focus lies on the development of its signature product, the "PathLaunch" followed by multiple products such as "PathExchange" & "PathWallet", the possibilities being endless.
During the development phase of our products, we will endeavor to provide educational content to the end-user so they can become familiar with investment opportunities and develop the skills they need to identify and determine which projects are a suitable fit.
Moreover, we will offer services in the areas of mentoring, incubation, and sponsorship to help develop potential projects that will have a positive impact on the crypto world and/or will have real-world integration, thereby giving the cryptocurrency a more positive connotation.
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