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$100 USD
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Sign up and have a chance to win $PATH Tokens worth of $500 USD. The more you participate, the better! More chances to win!

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Frequently Asked Question ?

MegaRaffle is our new automated system for giving you a chance to win big cash prizes when certain MarketCap milestones are reached. The greater the milestone is, the greater the prizes will be!

Buy and hold $PATH tokens, then register your wallet address on, and our automated system does the rest!

Category 1 - Investments between $100 - $500 in PATH - Prize $500

Category 2 - Investments between $500 - $2500 in PATH - Prize $2500

Category 3 - Investments over $2500 - Prize $5000

MegaRaffle winners will be chosen as soon as the milestone is reached. Unlike the regular raffle, MegaRaffle’s milestone is determined by PathFund’s market cap.

Our system creates a “winners table” as soon as the milestone is reached.Winners table is formed of all the registered users, each placed in their own category determined by the total of their investment.

From this Winners table there's a lucky random draw picking one (1) winner from each of the three (3) categories.

After the system calculates the total of your investment/s during the period when MegaRaffle is open, it will automatically place you in a category.

You get one (1) ticket for each $100 invested, regardless if the amount is purchased in a single transaction or multiple smaller transactions.

For example, if a participant buys $430 worth of PATH, the number of entries will be calculated as follows, 430/100 = 4.3, which will be considered as 4 entries (rounding down).

Category 1 has a max. of five (5) tickets per user.

Category 2 has a max. of twenty-five (25) tickets per user.

Category 3 has no max. limit of tickets per user.

You can get disqualified from the MegaRaffle if you’re selling $PATH tokens during the period when a MegaRaffle round is active.

Registering your wallet + Telegram username in the MegaRaffle system is the only step a user has to take. From thereon, our automated system will keep on checking for new entries in order to adjust a user's category accordingly, and check for sells as well so it can determine whether a user is still eligible for winning or not.