We are PathFund

Auditing cryptocurrency token launchpad

PathFund is a project focused on delivering crypto-based solutions in the decentralized blockchain world. Our initiative is to build and make available to investors a secure and friendly ecosystem with an intuitive interface. This will make the interaction between an individual and the crypto world easier. PathFund is designed to undermine scams and pulls in the cryptocurrency industry and restore the sense of security amongst users and investors. Moreover, we will offer services in the areas of mentoring, incubation, and sponsorship to help develop potential projects that will have a positive impact on the crypto world and/or will have real-world integration, thereby giving the cryptocurrency a more positive connotation.

Not just a launchpad, It’s an ecosystem!

Rethink technology, Adopt blockchain

A new era

Whether you’re an investor, a startup, or a well-established company, you can put the technology to good use and adopt blockchain with PathFund. Technology affects almost every aspect of our lives today, from transportation to socialization, privacy to information access, tracking health, finances, and much more. Over the next three to five years, blockchain’s impact on the real world will become significantly higher as the adoption of decentralized products continues to grow. As most of us experienced the impact the internet era had on our lives and the various possibilities it brought along with it, it is likely that blockchain will have the same effect. Begin your blockchain journey today!

Any type of data across any type of blockchain

We integrate your real-life business with blockchain

Simple. Fast. Efficient.

PathFund treasures the whole journey investors have on blockchain. For us, it is important to make the difference between a bad experience and a recommendable one. From finding projects, researching, verifying the teams involved, auditing the smart contracts and products to offering the happy PATH, we do the work so you don’t have to. All there’s left to do is to invest L.O.U.D. (Long-term. Objectively. Unafraid. Diverse.)

Invest in innovation